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Over 5000 readers Daily Benefit from my Research based material about Online Money Making and building Passive Income Streams. That means Making More Money, Creating Online Businesses, Clearing of Debts and Living a Life they always Dream.


Sorry! I'm Not In The Instant Noodles Business

It Surely Takes Some Time And Effort To Make Money 


I Don't Throw Income Statements to lure you into something which isn't meant for you. The Material I create speaks for itself.

No High Praising Testimonials just to sell you the sunny side. Testimonials can be bought for $5 on Fiverr- Most Experts are frequent buyers here.

I cannot make you rich overnight. I advise making money on the side while keeping your full-time job. 

I know you're Wise enough to know whom to follow. There are many "Experts" out there advising Passive Income Strategies, but Do You Want To Waste Years Just Trying.

Trust Me - What You're Doing Now 

I've Been There -Done That

Read More About Me And You Shall Know



From Failures To Online Success


Coming from a middle-class Indian family with working parents the core belief in the family was studying hard, getting a job and having a stable life. Getting a salary and budgeting accordingly was the norm – that was the way we were brought up. My Brother my sisters all took up jobs (all of them bankers) after completing their graduations.

From the time I was a kid, I resisted the stereotyped life. I was always the dreamer, the rebel, and the black sheep of the family. I wondered "How some people could have all the shiny stuff" or how they could afford Merc’s or BMW’s priced more than our home. My parents had a simple answer "They are rich". 

My parents wanted me to be an engineer and was pushed to study science at College. But my interest was always into Getting Rich, making money and creating a business. I still have the book that shaped my Financial freedom - it was Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad". It shaped me into a different person. I started questioning core values of Assets and Liabilities in my family and got more rebellious day by day. In my spare time started reading Finance, Marketing, Branding, Psychology, Sales and Persuasion Techniques.

Withstanding the strong opposition from my parents I started my first business at the age of 21, I was discouraged at first and even ridiculed after some failures. But I was growing and the challenge kept me going – experimenting, learning with every failure and rising again

$136 - My First Online Income


With My Beautiful and ever supporting Wife

By the time I was 32, I had married, had twin sons and was doing fairly well with my Stock-Broking business. I was earning more than any of my peers and was feeling success. But then came the market fall and the great recession. Within no time or till I could understand what's going on I had ended up with some sizable debts ($200,000 to be precise). I didn't expect much family support, but  they hugely stood by me in my darkest hours.

With huge debts and nowhere to go, I was  in severe depression. That's when a friend told me how he as earning hundreds of $’s online with Affiliate Marketing. I had ample of free time - really nothing to do other than just thinking about the past. I decided to give it a try (actually it was the debts that made me move).


My initial days of Blogging.

I started this Blog and tried my hand at Affiliate marketing. It took me three months to make a mere $136 as a commission for recommending a Smartphone spy software which generated two sales (I know the product choice was bad) .


My Jr. versions love the sea.

That first $136 was fascinating for me - I started feeling positive about myself. With my initial success in affiliate marketing, I decided to take Online Money Making to a bit further and decided to start an Online Business. I started researching, reading Blogs, taking notes and preparing my business plan. I tried with every tip given and followed advice from the ones who were successful, but somehow success kept on alluding me. I used to pause think again, write my notes. Filter the things that worked, threw the crap out and began again. Achieving some results but not the one I’ve been looking for.

What all the popular Expert Advice is?  


Slowly I realized was  that most Expert Blogs / Programs about getting rich or Online money making would just have the technical setup info. While the real business info was in Sales - marketing books and blogs, everybody was offering technical setup guides. Nobody was giving the real mix of Business Strategy and Technology that would guide a novice to start an Online Business. Some had the sales stuff while some had the technical know how. 

  1. Just teaching Technical How To's.
  2. Some of them are just repackaging other Successful Experts advice.
  3. Complicating things for no good reason. (SEO for example)
  4. No step by step Systems that one can follow - Just a Chaos of Information, pointing you everywhere

What I Missed Was A System That Anybody Can Follow and Win

There was no perfect blended System to implement. Even If someone had the actual sales stuff, it was never complete and never a complete playbook to Online money making.

I started mixing real world sales psychology, persuasion techniques and branding lessons to my online business. That was a start to my Online story and since then there has been no looking back.

Cutting out all the crap advice and sticking to the basics, I came out with a System that anyone can follow and start on their own without wasting years just trying. 

What I focused on while creating the systems?

1. Keep it simple, easy and implementable.

2. Cut out most of the random advice that complicates stuff.

3. Insights in using Persuasion and Sales psychology to win. 

4. Explain and help implement new age strategies - cutting some of the  old school stuff(that doesn't work     anymore)

5. Implementing the System with detailed DIY- How To illustrations.


Most Expert advice Points Everywhere and takes you Nowhere.

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