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A ffiliate Marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. The number of people using Affiliate Marketing as an extra income source has given the segment a great competitive boost. But while more and more merchants want to sell their goods using Affiliate marketing traditional networks haven’t come up with any great solutions. This had messed up the whole Affiliate Marketing landscape creating a management nightmare for marketers.

But the scene has cleared a lot with the entry of newer players like Skimlinks and Viglinks. Both these networks came in late but offer some cutting edge technology relieving lot of headaches faced by Marketers.

If you’re still using multiple Affiliate networks and registering with different programs to manage your Affiliate Marketing efforts – you’re surely in the Stone Age.

How The Scene Has Changed

With the number of merchants dependent on Affiliate Marketing for their sales, newer technology was a need of the hour for most Affiliate Marketers. Affiliate Marketers required something that will ease the management of links and enhance reporting for their referral sales.Auto Affiliate Networks like Skimlinks and Viglink, have  brought these changes making life easy for marketers. changed the way marketers used to promote products while making traditional Affiliate networks like Click bank seem to be from the stone age.

In this post, let’s have a detailed look at Skimlinks and review the services offered compared with traditional Affiliate Networks and individual programs. I’ve also written a similar review of Viglinks and a Comparison of the two, which can help you choose better according to your specific needs.

Introduction To Skimlnks

Skimlinks is an Affiliate Network for publishers to monetize their content by promoting affiliate products across merchants and NETWORKS to their audiences. In simple terms  – it is just another Affiliate Network that will help you to promote products from multiple merchants and NETWORKS with a single login to create links, track sales and all other usual tasks required to be done as an Affiliate Marketer.

No! It ain’t as simple as that. You just missed the word NETWORKS in the above sentence.

While traditional networks will offer you to promote products across merchants, there always had been merchants who are not listed on your Affiliate network  or have individual affiliate programs. This creates the need for creating and managing multiple affiliate network/program logins, links and obviously sales tracking.

Skimlinks just removes all these hassles. With Skimlinks, you can promote, track and receive commissions for products from more than 20,000 merchants across 53 Networks with a single login at a single place. I still recall my days before I registered for Skimlinks – what a horror it had been trying to recall which Network certain product links were to be got from, remembering logins and waiting for every networks payment threshold to reach to receive the payment.

Money Making Process With Skimlinks

  • Sign Up

    Sign-up For Skimlinks. It's Free

  • Install Plugin

    Install the Plugin or Implement Code on your Site

  • Insert Links

    Insert short links with Skimlinks Editor

  • Activate Skimlinks Overwrite

    Skimlinks Overwrite will Overwrite all your existing Affilaite Links

  • Make Money

    Yes! That's Simple.

About The Company


Alex Hoye- Chairman Skimlinks

Skimlinks is headed by Alex Hoye as Chairman, whose resume boast of successful stints at Disney and McKinsey. The Company has a host of Advisers on board, like Gokul Rajaram (the guy behind Adsense and Facebook Ads ) and funded by some of the top funds with substantial stakes. Integrated with more than 20,000 merchants and 53 Affiliate Networks, Skimlinks currently processes 300 million clicks a month on over 1.5 million sites around the web. Skimlinks is used by some of the top publishers like Time Inc, Gawker Media, Condé Nast, Hearst, and The Huffington Post. Skimlinks understands that up-time is critical for you and has deployed the Services in the cloud across four international locations to deliver fully redundant and ultra-fast responsive times.


Gokul Rajaram – The man behind Google Adsense and Facebook Ads

With so much to offer Skimlinks has been a clear winner and this has been recognized with record three awards at affiliate marketing’s top awards, the A4Us in 2009 and another two at the New Media Age Awards. Skimlinks has also been recognized in a whole host of start-up and business awards and in 2010, they scooped the Technology Genius Award at the LinkShare Golden Link Awards, a nod to the truly innovative nature of Skimlinks products.

Promote Amazon Product across Geographies and Multiple Amazon Stores with Skimlinks

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Joining Skimlinks

preferred-affiliate-marketing-partnerSkimlinks works with all kind of publishers. Whether you’re a New site, Online Community, Mobile App or an ecommerce website, you can easily monetize your content with Skimlinks.

Joining Skimlinks is Free and requires a simple sign-up process like any other Affiliate Program. But based on approval. Approval requirements are simple – you should have a Website with healthy content. Most of the other Networks may skip the initial approval process give you instant access to their network services, but once you’re registered they make you get an approval of each and every retailer in their network you may want to promote.

With Skimlinks – once your application is approved, you don’t have to register or get any approval from individual merchants. The entire portfolio of 20,000 merchants with all the tools is accessible to you from day one.


Integrating Skimlinks with your website is quite easy and doesn’t need much of technical skills. Whether your website runs on Joomla, WordPress, Apache or any other platform, Skimlinks has scripts and plugins designed for you to make the integration simple and easy. For Websites/Blogs running on WordPress, you just have to install a simple plugin and you’re done. Even for Joomla, you can find a simple installable script.



Networks And Merchants – Offer The Best To Your Audience

So by now you already know  – 20,000 Merchants and 53 Networks, that’s what Skimlinks will give you access to. But Which Merchants and Networks.

This is not Clickbank – no dubious vendors trying to sell their homemade weight loss products here. If you’re into promoting such products, I can tell – Skimlinks is not for you. Here you can find the best in every segment and if something isn’t good it doesn’t exist here.

Skimlinks is pretty cautious about quality and similar to the approval process for Publishers, Skimlinks has a robust policy for Merchant joining. So you can rest assured that the merchants you are promoting are safe to work with, have a quality control process for their products, support and lastly commission payments. You can find most of the top Brands as well as retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Tesco as preferred partners with a host of other merchants in almost every product category or industry vertical you can think of.



Skimlinks is associated with 53 Affiliate Networks – which means you get to promote merchant products that are listed on these Affiliate Networks without registering for any of them individually. Shareasale, Rakuten Linkshare, One Network Direct, Impactradius are a few to name.

Skimlinks Charges, Commissions and Payments

While joining Skimlinks is free, it takes 35% share of your affiliate revenue. While this may seem to be on the higher side, it won’t be a concern after reading the next line. Skimlinks offers exclusive commission rates from hundreds of Preferred Partners. What this means is you get a different Commission rate than the actual Affiliate program run by the merchant. In most cases commission for Skimlinks publishers is almost 50% to 100% more than the regular affilaite program of the merchant.



Here are a few examples showing the difference in Affiliate Commissions

Merchant : Name Cheap

Merchant : Hostgator

Merchant : Zazzle

Merchant : Gadventures


Skimlinks offers Paypal and Bank Transfers as payment mediums to publishers. I’ve opted for Paypal, so no experience no about ho fast wire transfer from Skimlinks are. But every month by the 1st or 2nd Skimlinks credits my Paypal account. They have been always prompt and on time. No hassles to till date.

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Dashboard and Reporting

The Dashboard is clean and complete on information regarding Referral Clicks, your Top Merchants and every other detail you would like to know about your campaigns. You can sort your reports for different variables and also export the data as a CSV file.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the Publisher Dashboard for reference.


Screenshot of Skimlinks Dashboard

Screenshot of Skimlinks Dashboard



Screenshot of Skimlinks Performance Reporting Screen

Tools, Addons and Automation

To make money using Affiliate marketing the most important is creating quality content.  That’s the one thing that will define your success and should focus on always. Skimlinks understands this it reflects in the Tools and add-ons the company has designed for publishers. Every tool is designed to save your time and help you keep your focus on creating content. Let me introduce the tools one at a time.

Skimlinks Editor

This is my favorite tool. Once you’ve joined Skimlinks this would be the most used tool for you. Skimlinks Editor is a Chrome  extension that sits in your Google Chrome browser and helps you with creating affiliate links while you’re browsing. It offers to create short links and even create links for sites that don’t offer affiliate commissions. All links affiliated or unaffiliated created using the Editor are tracked by Skimlinks and helps you get a clear picture of what your audience is responding to.


So now you can focus on creating the content nd just browse for the product you wish to promote – your affiliate link is ready in the Skimlinks Editor. No need to worry about joining affiliate programs or remembering logins and passwords.


There’s nothing to do here – just enable SkimWords after your joining and see the magic happen. With SkimWords enabled, Skimlinks automatically  links product mentions to partner stores with affiliate links. The best part is it’s done according to your Visitors geographical region – helping convert clicks to sales.


Skimlinks Overwrite

How do you handle existing links to Amazon or Ebay? How do you manage multiple Amazon Associate Id’s to corresponding Amazon stores across geographies?

Skimlinks Overwrite comes to the rescue. Just enable Skimlinks overwrite and Skimlinks will overwrite all existing Affiliate links to corresponding Skimlinks links creating a seamless affiliate linking structure and one stop reporting. Links to Amazon products are automatically sent to the visitors geographical store without you bothering about the associate id’s. Learn more how Skimlinks can help you  Promote products across multiple Amazon stores without even an Associate ID.



Skimlinks Showcases

How about a product display carousel on your Blog/Website?

Skimlinks Showcases exactly does that. With Skimlinks Showcases enabled you can show a product carousel on your Blog without ever maintaining it. Skimlinks automatically shows context relevant products in the carousel with your affiliate link – And all this without ever bothering you.

The New Addon – Skimlinks Audiences


That’s a new addition to an already great bundle of services. This is the part which most affiliate networks make money from but are not ready to share the revenues with their publishers. Feeling confused about what I’m trying to tell -let me explain.

Every affiliate marketer has the data about which products are receiving clicks, from whom, what region, interests etc. The networks sell this data to advertising companies to create and target ad’s appropriately. Ever understood how you can see certain advertisements showing a product you just visited on Amazon or Ebay. Cause this data is sold.

With Skimlinks Audiences, Skimlinks shares a part of the revenue earned from this sale with the publishers. If you’ve sizeable clicks from your Audience you can be a part of Skimlinks Audiences and make money other than just product promotion. That’s the icing on the cake.

Referral Program

With Skimlinks on your side, there’s more than just promoting merchant products. You can make money by referring Skimlinks to your audience. Skimlinks offers 35% of Skimlinks share earned from the referrals you introduced to Skimlinks. And that’s not one time, Skimlinks offers you this share for an entire year.

That’s one more way to make more money while streamlining on all your affiliate marketing effort with Skimlinks

Join Now


This has never been an issue. The support team at Skimlinks is excellent and so far my every experience with Skimlinks support has been the one ending with unlimited thanks. This is what I miss with Viglink. Their support has been sloppy. Every time I contact Skimlinks support, they  respond professionally and are willing to go out of their way to help you. With dedicated teams in San Francisco, New York and London you can get in touch with them anytime, day or night.

Most affiliate networks I’ve worked with till date – none can match Skimlinks on support. This is one part I can vouch for.

Looking for more Info? Here’s a small video that will explain the rest.

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