For creating a successful Podcast – audio or video, the main requirement after content is the media quality. Professionals use tools that deliver studio quality sound and picture.  This differentiates them from rest and the unsuccessful ones. So if wish to be successful as a PodCaster, use the right tools for creating, editing, hosting and monetizing your Podcasts.

Here is a list of PodCasting equipment, tools and resources to make quality PodCasts. Compiling this list went with almost a months research into what are the best options available. The tools and resources that follow are used Top PodCaster’s and Professional Bloggers.

Want To Sound Professional or Not – This is where Success Starts

Microphones and Accessoriespodcasting-mics-accessories

The success of your PodCasts depends not just on the content but more on the sound quality. Getting the right loudness and noise free sound depends on the Mic you use. Microphones can be divided into Dynamic Mics and Condensor Mics. I prefer Dynamic Mics for the higher depth they offer.

Complete List of Best Microphones to Sound like a Pro

Professional Audio RecordersTASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder

A good Professional Audio Recorder is a must for Podcasting. Whether you’re a doing it solo or for interviews. Yes you can record with your Iphone or Smartphone’s recorder, but are you happy with the quality.Most of the Audio-Video editing tools can act as recorder if you are using a USB mic or a direct to PC stereo microphone.

If you will be conducting Interviews or on-field recordings, and want to sound professional then best thing to carry is a portable Audio recorder. I highly recommend using the Tascam DR-05 Poratble recorder for Interviews and out-door recordings, for its low noise and crystal clear audio output.

Here is the Complete list of Professional Audio Recorders for Interviews and Outdoor recordings.

audoi-mixers-podcastingIf you’re a single user recording your Podcasts on your PC or laptop, you just need a single microphone with a USB interface, your job is finished. But if you are using multiple microphones, or a mic with an XLR connection, you’ll need a mixer (or audio interface).

The biggest decision you need to make is how many channels the mixer should have—in particular, the number of inputs. Count the number of microphones you’ll need, and allow for growth. You’ll need a mixer with at least that number of channels. There are lot many mixers available and I will soon put up a list of the best to go about. I recommend using the Alesis MultiMix 4 USB Four-Channel USB Mixer or the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA202 Audio Interface, both have a simplistic design and are laoded with some great features. If you don’t want to play with a lot of buttons and have simple needs, then the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA202 Audio Interface is a great weapon of choice. Its simple 2 in-2 out model that connects to your PC or Mac giving your the best quality digital output.

Here’s an Amazon page featuring the list of Audio Mixers available to choose from.


Podcasting Camera’s

For Video Podcasting a Professional Camera is a necessity for making a professional video. If you’re strained on the budget you can start with a Point-and-Shoot camera and then move on to a Professional camera later.

Here is list of Cameras for Video Podcasting / Video Blogging

 Audio – Video Editing Tools


Editing your Podcast gives the final touch before publishing the content. From removing the blank spaces to leveling for the right audio levels, if you wish to have a studio quality Audio and Video this is a must. Ease of use and features are the most determining factor in deciding the one. I prefer the Adobe Creative Cloud as it offers me access to all the rich media creating tools at one stop and also not bothering about upgrades or obsolete software. It comes at an affordable price tag of 20$ per month.

Another  great tool is Camtasia from TechSmith. Camtasia offer a very easy to use interface and offers great tools to make your Audio-Video presentable with studio quality effects.

There are also some free tools to get the same – but ease of operating and features is what matters.

Here is a complete list of the Best Proffesional Audio- Video editing Tools for PodCasters and Bloggers.

Podcast Hosting Services

podcast-hosting-make-moneyWhen it comes to Hosting, Podcasters have specific needs. No matter how you podcast, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Do not use self-hosting platform or free hosting platforms for hosting you Podcasts.  Good podcast hosting includes web hosting and media hosting that can grow with your podcast.

I recommend Blubrry Media hosting  service for they know these needs very well. BluBrry provides a monthly storage reset. Blubrry media takes this a step further and offers a 25% “cushion” for if you need to go over to fit in one last episode before your reset.

See the Complete List of Top PodCast Hosting providers


Monetizing Podcasts 

Monetizing your Podcast is the best way to convert it from a hobby to a professional commitment. I always believe that Money is a form of appreciation for Hard-work. Converting any hobby or passion to a full-time profession requires monetary support. Monetizing your Podcast from the right sources can drive massive income and also helps you reach  new professional levels.

See the Best Resources to Make Money with Your Podcasts

Promoting Your PodCasts

Other than promoting your Podcast on your Blog or Website you also have to promote your Podcasts on Itunes, Facebook, Twitter and Google+  which is obvious. Other than this you can share your podcast on some of the Podcast promotion sites. Here are some listed for you.

  • RSS Feeds

    Use Feedburner to burn an RSS feed of your Podcast. You need to have a valid RSS feed on your website for iTunes to be able to accept your podcast. Apple also recommends that your RSS feed includes certain iTunes friendly tags. It also needs to contain pointers to your episode through the XML tag.  To check the validity of the RSS feed on your website, you can go to a site like rssboard. RSS Feed also helps in sharing the Podcast on other web-based podcatchers like PodNova, My Yahoo and Subtome.

  • YouTube

    Everybody thinks its for Videos – no you can upload and share your Podcasts too. Youtube is the biggest search engine for rich media content, so don’t ignore.

  • Miro

    Miro is a non-Profit open source platform for sharing rich media content. Miro received a favorable review from Josh Quittner who wrote “I have seen the future of television and it’s an application called Miro.” In May 2011, Seth Rosenblatt of CNET wrote, “Providing one-stop shopping for all your video and audio management desires, open-source and cross-platform Miro deserves much of the praise that’s been heaped upon it.

  • Stitcher

    Stitcher is a rapidly growing platform where listeners go to hear the best podcasts and radio shows. Stitcher is programmed using RSS feeds. By distributing your show on Stitcher, you immediately receive a number of FREE benefits. These include:

    • Mobile Distribution- Provides partners – of every size – a way to deliver their content to broader mobile and in-car audience.
    • Increased Audience – Distributing your show on Stitcher helps to build awareness and drive new listeners to your show. Stitcher helps you find new listeners by promoting your show on our platform and providing our listeners with discovery features to help them find you.


  • SpeakPipe

    Take our listeners questions- Q&A Sessions. SpeakPipe allows listeners to send in recorded questions. They can record themselves asking their question via SpeakPipe, you can download the audio file and add it to the episode edit so they make a cameo appearance on the show. The listeners love it! This is a free tool for leaving recorded feedback. This tool makes it super easy to get people to actually be a guest on the show without actually being on the show.

Other Tools and Resources

Here’s a list of the best associated resources to use, making you a real professional and your content recorded at your home office sounding like straight from the Studio.

Some Closing Words

Let me know what you use for your Podcasts in the comment section. If you’re confused on deciding the tools or design, tell me your application and I will surely suggest the best for you.

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